Check Out My First McSweeney’s Pub!

After a sea of rejections, I have finally landed my first McSweeney’s YES! Check out my latest piece, Thanks to New York Fucking City, I am a Divorced, Menopausal Woman at 25.

This piece pokes fun at the struggle that is New York City. For years, I have commuted to NYC for auditions, slept on friends couches, and had to make that big decision: do I want to ACTUALLY move to New York? I made the decision to venture on out to LA, and after a few months, I ironically missed New York! I missed those sweaty subway cars and high school reunions every 5 seconds. So, I wrote about it. And, here it is, on the Internetwebs. ENJOY!


BREAK is a coming-of-age, comedic web series about the crazy tactics college kids do to recover from heartbreak. Check out episode 1 this Wednesday @ 7 PM (EST). YouTube, Vimeo, Funny or Die.

Lost Angels Takes On NYC!

For years, I have been an actor in Playground Theatre Project, a social issue theater company in Freehold, NJ. After a year of performing PTP’s production, Lost Angels in high schools, Planned Parenthood events, and other venues, I am proud to say that I will be in the show’s Off-Broadway debut! Watch me play Carson Hadley at The Planet Connections Festival! Click here for dates, location, and ticket info!

My performance dates are June 21, 25, and July 7!